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International Motor Show Guide


Dozens of new cars, trucks and SUVs go on sale each year, but if you want to see all the latest new models before they hit dealers, the annual international auto shows are where you'll find them. These car shows provide for the manufacturers to showcase all their latest inventories to the automotive press and the buying public. There are many different car shows held annually around the world, however the major unveilings are kept for a selected few shows in the cities that attract the most population. Although car shows are open to the public, they begin with special press days where the manufacturers put on elaborate presentations to introduce their newest concept cars and production models. The North American Auto Show is considered to be the biggest motor show in the world. It is held in Detroit and is commonly reffered to as the Detroit Auto Show. Detroit is where some of the major players in the autombile industry began. It is the forefront for sheet metal prodution in the United States and is the home of GM.  Today there are over 590 million passenger cars worldwide (roughly one car for every ten people), of which 140 million of those vehicules are in the United States (roughly one car for every two people). As a long standing idustry, the automobile has marked us with many improvments in ways that would not have been possible. As well the automobile was thought of as an environmental advancement over horses when it was first introduced in the 1880s. Currently, the automobile is recognized as one of the primary sources of world-wide air pollution and a cause of substantial noise pollution and adverse health effects. Todays auto shows will include an array of electrical solutions amongst the many oil based automobiles.


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