Frankfurt's International Motor Show
62st Edition




 - weekends
 - workdays

€ 42,00

€ 15,00
€ 13,00

 Special ticket


 children, students etc.   

€   7,50

 - Disabled persons

€   5,00

 - Evening ticket 1)

€   8,00



Location: Frankfurt Messe/
Trade fair grounds
Date: September 13st-23th 2007









The Great German Auto Show is one of the largest and most important international auto shows in Europe. It is an annual event but swaps between commercial automobiles which takes place in Hannover, and passenger vehicules the next which is back home in Frankfurt. The Frankfurt Motor show works in accordance with the Paris Auto show as they alternate between commercial and passenger vehicles togeather. This being the largest set up for auto shows in Europe. The Frankfurt auto show is dominated by German manufacturers. Companies like Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche constantly use the Frankfurt Motor Show as their launching pad for new models. They do feature cars from other countries being an international auto show. This shows sheer magnitude seperates it from most of the competition. Spread out over roughly 10 halls, walking the show floor means putting in at least a few good miles of exercise. Walking from one hall to another may take up to 10 minutes, with an abundance of new vehicules to gander.