The North American (Detroit) International Auto Show
          100th Edition









Children (7 to 12):


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Location: Cobo Confrence/
 Exhibition Center
1 Washington boulevard
Date: January 13th- 21, 2007

The most anticipated car introduced at Detroit in 2006 was a new and improved version of the Chevrolet Corvette. While photos of the car had leaked from GM earlier this year, people wanted to get a more detailed view of the car and its 7.0 liter small-block V8 engine. The C6-R was introduced alongside the new Z06, so the visual similarities between the two cars could be seen instantly. This is because the two cars were developed together, with much of Chevrolet's racing knowledge carrying over to the street car.

While the 2006 year's show didn't have the extreme supercar concepts like previous year's shows, there was a satisfied feeling that many of the new cars at the show would actually be attainable in the near future. Chevrolet's Z06, while not exactly cheap, offers incredible performance for a fraction of the cost of supercars with similar or less performance. GM designers have made everyone want a Cadillac again, and Saturn has come up with a car that some might actually consider purchasing. Chrysler yet again didn't let anyone down with its Firepower Concept, and has presented an incredible competition with its all new Hemi line up. Other manufacturer's like Jaguar, Nissan, Lexus, and Mitsubishi are all keeping their eyes on the future and releasing cars that hint at a hopeful future for the automotive world.